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Wissensvermittlung, Nachwuchsförderung und der fachliche Austausch auf Augenhöhe sind für uns Herzensangelegenheiten. Wir sind der Meinung: Geteilte Innovationsfreude ist doppelte Innovationsfreude.

Deshalb mischen sich codecentric-Mitarbeiter und -Mitarbeiterinnen gerne unter die Community – ob als Gastgeber, Redner oder Organisatoren diverser Veranstaltungen. Treffen Sie uns auf einem der folgenden Events!

codecentric Berlin

codecentric Berlin

codecentric AG, Köpenicker Straße, Berlin, Germany 20.03.2019 | 18:30

codecentric and friends from - Learnings of Backend and Frontend Devs

An evening with codecentric and friends: “Breaking Down Your React App” and “You’re not – only – a frontend dev if you are writing (node.js) services”

In one of our recent projects at codecentric, we closely work together with our friends from (
Two of the developers, Patrick Hund and Anja Kunkel, would like to share what they have learned.

Doors: 6.30 pm
The first talk starts at 7 pm. After a short break, the second talk commences.
At approximately 8 pm, we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages.

Patrick’s Talk:
Breaking Down Your React App
React is based on the concept of components. The idea is to compose your application of independent building blocks that you can easily reuse or replace with better ones. If you embrace this idea, you can keep your platform tidy and maintainable. If you don’t – well, you can write React spaghetti code just as easily as you can write jQuery spaghetti code.
Patrick talks about his team’s constant effort to “componentize all the things”, to find best practices, strategies and patterns to constantly improve the code base.

About Patrick Hund:
Patrick is a Software Developer / Architect at (part of the eBay Classifieds Group). He is a JavaScript aficionado and a hobby cartoonist and musician.

Anja’s Talk:
You’re not – only – a frontend dev if you are writing (node.js) services.
JavaScript has grown a lot during the last years. Nowadays, people, who call themselves frontend developers, write (node.js) services as well. But with great power comes great responsibility. What can we learn from the guys who already designed services in other languages for years? How can we avoid the mistakes they made?

About Anja Kunkel:
Anja is a Software Engineer at (eBay Classifieds Group). She is familiar with FullStack Development from HTML to advanced Java backends and a sport enthusiast, best on water or snow.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Daniel Hill