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Flutter Munich

Flutter Munich

codecentric AG, Elsenheimerstraße, München, Deutschland 04.04.2019 | 18:00

Desktop apps with Flutter. Interaction with native iOS and Android.

We already have 2 great presentations for this event. As there were lots of news coming out about Flutter and Dart, I’d also like to have more time for open discussions and getting to know each other.


18:00 ? Pizza, beer, drinks
18:30 ? Vince Varga: Interaction between Flutter and native iOS or Android
19:00 ? Quick break to recharge
19:30 ?️ Johannes Milke: Develop desktop applications with Flutter
20:00 ? Open discussion


? Vince Varga ?
Interaction between Flutter and native iOS or Android hosts?

In most cases, Flutter lives up to its promise and lets you develop apps fast for both mobile platforms using a single codebase. But what happens when you need to use SDKs, libraries or platform-specific APIs that Flutter does not yet support? Worry not! In this talk, I’m going through the most common problems and their solutions developers face when they start using Flutter and have to rely on platform-specific APIs and native modules.

* Interact with the host. Platform channels, method and event channels
* Embed Android or iOS platform control in a Flutter app. Platform view widgets, Maps, and WebView
* Public and private Flutter plugins

? Johannes Milke ?
Develop desktop applications with Flutter ?️

Due to platform independence of Flutter, it is not only possible to write mobile applications – but it is also possible to build your own Desktop applications. In this presentation, we will dive deep into building simple Desktop applications with the community plugin which is still under development. After this talk, you are able to set up the plugin and develop your own Desktop applications with Flutter!


?The event’s location, food, and drinks are provided by codecentric AG.


?️ If you would like to share your story with Flutter, please feel free to contact me at any time.

? Would you like to host one of our upcoming events? Send me a message!


Sebastian Frerichs