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Meetups, Stammtische, Hackathons, User Groups: Die codecentric AG ist weit mehr als die Summe ihrer Mitarbeiter und Projekte.

Hinter jeder erfolgreichen Software steht eine starke Community

Wissensvermittlung, Nachwuchsförderung und der fachliche Austausch auf Augenhöhe sind für uns Herzensangelegenheiten. Wir sind der Meinung: Geteilte Innovationsfreude ist doppelte Innovationsfreude.

Deshalb mischen sich codecentric-Mitarbeiter und -Mitarbeiterinnen gerne unter die Community – ob als Gastgeber, Redner oder Organisatoren diverser Veranstaltungen. Triff uns auf einem der folgenden Events!

HSUG Rhein-Main

HSUG Rhein-Main

codecentric, Kreuznacher Straße, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland 08.09.2016 | 18:30

Spark, Mesos & Automation

Our next event is centered around Spark & Mesos and I am very excited to have two top-notch speakers who will give you a really good idea about the technologies, their sweet spots and the real-world adoption.

18:30 Building a fully-automated Fast Data Platform

Many people promise fast data as the next step after big data. The idea of creating a complete end-to-end data pipeline that combines Spark, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka, and Apache Mesos came up two years ago, sometimes called the SMACK stack. The SMACK stack is an ideal environment for handling all sorts of data-processing needs which can be nightly batch-processing tasks, real-time ingestion of sensor data or business intelligence questions. The SMACK stack includes a lot of components which have to be deployed somewhere. Let’s see how we can create a distributed environment in the cloud with Terraform and how we can provision a Mesos-Cluster with Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) to create a powerful fast data platform.

Bernd Zuther is a Bleeding Edge IT Rockstar at codecentric AG in Munich. He describes himself as a „Java enterprise dinosaur for turning beer into code“ and has expertise in the areas of Java, Spring, Wicket, MongoDB, Hadoop and various others.


19:15 Spark, Container, Mesos, DC/OS, GPUs, Machine learning, TensorFlow: BuzzWord Bingo 2.0

With the growing need of computing power, distributed applications, and larger data centers also the need for a reliable and simple use cluster manager and programming abstraction grows. The first part if this talk will first provide a general overview of Apache Mesos and then we will showing how Mesos in action by deploying a sample Application using Spark and TensorFlow using GPU resources.

Jörg is a software engineer at Mesosphere in Hamburg. In his previous life he implemented distributed and in memory database and conducted research in the Hadoop and Cloud area. His speaking experience include various Meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.


20:00 – 22:00 „Pizza & Beer“

A timeless classic, no further explanation needed!


Bernd Zuther


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