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Meetups, Stammtische, Hackathons, User Groups: Die codecentric ist weit mehr als die Summe ihrer Mitarbeiter und Projekte.

Hinter jeder erfolgreichen Software steht eine starke Community

Wissensvermittlung, Nachwuchsförderung und der fachliche Austausch auf Augenhöhe sind für uns Herzensangelegenheiten. Wir sind der Meinung: Geteilte Innovationsfreude ist doppelte Innovationsfreude.

Deshalb mischen sich codecentric-Mitarbeiter und -Mitarbeiterinnen gerne unter die Community – ob als Gastgeber, Redner oder Organisatoren diverser Veranstaltungen. Treffen Sie uns auf einem der folgenden Events!

Microservices Meetup Berlin

Microservices Meetup Berlin

WeWork, Kemperplatz, Berlin, Deutschland 29.09.2016 | 12:00

Orchestrating Microservices - special event

On Thursday the 29th September we are inviting all interested to join our special half-day event on „Orchestrating Microservices“. We will have multiple speakers from major cloud providers and orchestration solution providers.


„There are only two hard problems in distributed systems: 2. Exactly-once delivery 1. Guaranteed order of messages 2. Exactly-once delivery“

— Mathias Verraes

Microservices architectures are distributed systems. Running Microservices is hard, but there is a world of solutions out there for them. But which solution should we pick? Which is helping us to achieve our goal running Microservices? We are trying to support you answering these questions by providing talks on Microservices orchestration answering the question „How to deploy a Microservice in production in 10 mins“.


Expect multiple talks from major solution providers such as Mesosphere, Azure, AWS, CoreOS, DigitalOcean and Google. Afterwards join us for a panel discussion and networking.

Notice (this agenda is work in progress):

12:00-12:30 Arrival
12:30-13:00 Welcome (Conrad Pöpke, Timmo Freudl-Gierke)
13:00-13:30 AWS (Sascha Möllering from Amazon)
13:30-14:00 Azure (Peter Kirchner from Microsoft)
14:00-14:30 DigitalOcean (Vitor Pellegrino from DigitalOcean)
14:30-15:00 Break
15:00-15:30 Kubernetes (Robert Kubis from Google)
15:30-16:00 Mesosphere (Jörg Schad from Mesosphere)
16:00-16:30 CoreOS (Sergiusz Urbaniak from CoreOs)
16:30-18:00 Break / Live Coding
18:00-19:00 Evening Panel
19:00-20:00 Networking
20:00-21:00 Departure

To lower the number of people not attending this event, we decided to introduce an entrance fee that has to be paid in advance.  After deducting potential costs, the amount will be donated to!

You want to donate more? Check this out.


Conrad Pöpke