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Microservices Vienna

Microservices Vienna

Siebenbrunnengasse 44 a 1050 Wien, Österreich 23.02.2017 | 18:30

The Promises and Perils of Microservices

Dear all,

as of today program, speaker and sponsors are fixed! Join the

Microservices Vienna Launch Event
Feb 23rd, 18:30 @ Sektor 5 – free beverages from 18:30 on – we start at 19:00

By the way: Today we celebrate the first 150 microservants in Vienna! Pretty cool! 🙂

We started this group with basically nothing but lots of interest in the topic… but wait that’s not exactly true… we had something… quite a bit of experience with that approach! And life has an odd way of making things work out, right? Or… not? Well… it has! A well-known speaker in the area of Microservices will travel all the LOOONG way from Cologne to Vienna – just for us! But he says he’s used to travel the IT world:

„The promises and perils of Microservices – A map for the adventurous developer“.

Microservices are the (next) silver bullet. Take some to cure all your IT diseases! Just knock ‚em up from some blog posts and OSS aids – no prescription needed, guaranteed to work, without any known side-effects!

That’s the impression you often get if you follow the discussion in the IT media and community. I mean: A small self-contained service must be a lot easier to handle than these monolithic spaghetti monsters and anything that helps us to get rid of those annoying application servers must be a gift from heaven.

But is it really that easy? Are microservices really the long-missing silver bullet?

Well, it depends … there are situations where you are in deep trouble without microservices and there are situations where your are in deep trouble with microservices – and on top of that you will be in even deeper trouble if you get them wrong. A dangerous terrain with a lot of traps and pitfalls!

In this session we will set up a mental map that helps you to avoid the most common traps and most dangerous pitfalls of microservices. We start with the question if you need them at all. Then we will look into the properties of microservices and clarify what that actually means in practice. Finally we will examine some of the danger zones of microservices and learn how to avoid the typical pitfalls – plus enough time to answer your questions of course.

After this session, you should have a map at hand that helps you to navigate through the challenging landscape of microservices, avoiding all those lurking traps and pitfalls.“


Uwe Friedrichsen