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Deshalb mischen sich codecentric-Mitarbeiter und -Mitarbeiterinnen gerne unter die Community – ob als Gastgeber, Redner oder Organisatoren diverser Veranstaltungen. Triff uns auf einem der folgenden Events!

Technology in Adtech @ Crealytics

Technology in Adtech @ Crealytics

crealytics GmbH, Salzufer, Berlin, Germany 13.06.2019 | 18:45

Functional Programming

We’re glad to announce our second meetup! In this session, we will have three speakers talking about functional programming: We will explore functional programming from various perspectives such as domain architecture, all the way to concurrency as well as trying to understand how to apply functional programming to real problems.

The tentative agenda as follows:
6:45 pm – Sign-in and food & drinks
7:15 pm – Introduction talk by Cédric Deniau, CTO, Crealytics GmbH
7:30 pm – Florian Stefan (Domain architecture using functional programming)
8:00 pm – Markus Hauck (Intro to functional programming using text analytics)
8:30 pm – Nikhil Anurag (Concurrency the functional way)
9:00 pm – Networking & drinks

We look forward to seeing you there! Do not hesitate to bring along your questions and friends!

Please keep in mind that we will take photos of the session, which will include some audience members as well. If you would like to avoid being in any of the photos, please write us a note via meetup or reach out to one of the organizers at the venue before the session starts.

1. Summary – Domain architecture using functional programming
This talk is about tactical design with functional programming. It will share some experiences with factors that drive the entropy of a software system, how domain-driven design helps to reduce the effect of these factors and why functional programming is a natural way for implementing tactical design patterns.

2. Summary – Intro to functional programming using text analytics
While functional programming has become more and more popular, many programmers still struggle to understand the benefits and how to apply them to an actual problem. This talk will introduce some concepts from functional programming and directly apply them to calculate metrics over a text. Using those abstractions, we will see a solution that composes well and can easily be extended as well as adapted to other problems from practice.

3. Summary – Concurrency the functional way
Concurrency and parallelism are essential concepts to grasp in today’s IT world. The talk details the evolution of concurrency from simple to complex model by explaining how it is implemented in three programming languages. The talk also explains how functional programming makes it easier to reason about the predictability of the program in the context of concurrency.


Markus Hauck