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Chaos Engineering – Survive in Production


Course description

Production hates you. The machines, the networks, the very users you hope to provide a service hate you. This is reality, and it makes production a hostile battle ground. In this workshop Russ Miles (CEO of ChaosIQ) and Benjamin Wilms (Senior Developer & Chaos Engineer at codecentric) will talk about how to turn this pain to your advantage.

Many open questions cannot be answered by simple unit or integration tests. This is where chaos engineering comes into play. It helps us to become master of chaos and please do not claim that you are not in chaos! There is a whole industry that sells us ticket systems with which we can document chaos.

In this workshop we will approach the topic of Chaos Engineering in several steps, you will learn where and why it was created and which companies have already achieved great success with it. With many practical examples you will learn how to carry out first controlled experiments with simple Linux tools. After the basics we will approach the automation of chaos experiments and I will introduce you to some useful tools like the Chaos Toolkit or the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot.

This workshop is part of the program of the official microXchg 2019 workshops. However, you may also book this workshop without getting a conference ticket for the regular microXchg 2019 program.



Termine und Ort

  • 03.04.2019 - Berlin

Dauer in Tagen



750 Euro + value added tax per participant


Teilnahmevoraussetzungen und Zielgruppe

Prerequisites & Eligibility

Technical requirements:
– laptop with an operating system of your choice
– SSH client (Putty, Bash, ZSH, etc.)
– Integrate SSL certificate and connect to Amazon Web Services

Target group:
– Developers, Architects, Operations
– Knowledge of or interest in the design, development and operation of distributed systems


Benjamin Wilms

Benjamin Wilms

Benjamin Wilms works as Senior IT Consultant and Developer at codecentric AG. His current focus is on are scalability and resilience in distributed applications. He regularly shares and discusses his ideas as a speaker at conferences and as an author of articles and blog posts.

In April 2018 he published the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot as an OpenSource project and is responsible for its further development.

Russ Miles

Russ Miles

Russ Miles is CEO of where he and his team build commercial and open source ( products and provide services to companies applying Chaos Engineering to build confidence in the resilience of their production systems. Russ is an international speaker, trainer and author. Most recently he has been writing the handbook for Chaos Engineering for O’Reilly and having published „Antifragile Software: Building Adaptable Software with Microservices“ where he explores how to apply Chaos Engineering to construct and manage complex, distributed systems in production with confidence. He also delivers public and private courses on Chaos Engineering and Resilience Engineering around the world and online for O’Reilly Media.