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Agile and Mindfulness


Coding Serbia

CineStar Novi Sad 4DX (BIG Shopping center), Novi Sad, Serbia

With 15 years on truly and would-be agile projects, Gero is a seasoned agile coach and a firefighter in project management. While agile was still perceived as nerdy and idealistic, Gero propagated clear-cut methods like Scrum and CI. As agile entered the mainstream, he shifted focus to subtler aspects such as cultural change and teams or individuals „not getting stuck“. In his private life, Gero practices Zen and spends the greater part of his annual vacations on Buddhist retreats.

Reflect & Improve are half of the Heart of Agile. Reflecting successfully requires „seeing things as they really are“. Unsurprisingly, „Transparency“ is upmost in LeanKanban’s value stack and first among the 3 pillars of Scrum Theory. Yet, human perception and thinking are not designed to reflect reality objectively. But the human brain can be trained to reduce its inbuilt distortions. In „Agile and Mindfulness“, Gero Seifert explains why humans naturally do not see things as they really are. And he describes how mindfulness training can increase perceptual openness and mental flexibility.

Gero SeifertGero Seifert