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An Introduction to Apache Flex BladeDS


ApacheCon Europe

Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Budapest, Erzsébet körút, Ungarn

On 3/6/15 the Apache Flex team has done its first release of BlazeDS. BlazeDS is a server-side framework for communicating with clients using the AMF protocol. In contrast to JSON communication AMF is strongly typed, highly efficient and even allows the transport of cyclic object graphs. It was initially designed for communicating with Flash runtimes (similar to Browsers JSON support, AMF is the Flash VMs native format), but in the meanwhile libraries in all major languages are able to communicate using AMF. In this Talk I would like to talk about AMF and it’s benefits over more established protocols and demonstrate how easy it is to embed BlazeDS into an existing Java server application, giving you publish-subscribe, one-to-one and one-to-many communication for free.

Christofer DutzChristofer Dutz