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Apache FlexJS‘ Maven migration initiative – Introducing the flexjs-maven-plugin


ApacheCon Europe

Meliã Sevilla Convention Centre, Calle Doctor Pedro de Castro, Sevilla, Spanien

While in the past it was only possible to build Flex applications with Maven using Flexmojos, now we have started creating a brand-new plugin as part of the Apache Flex project. While we are still missing a hand full of features, the path has been set and the new plugin is a much more lightweight implementation.
Parallel to this we also completely refactored the entire FlexJS project to be buildable with Maven. Both these efforts now allow us to officially publish Maven artifacts of Apache FlexJS and hereby speed up the time for people to get started with FlexJS.
In this talk I would not only like to introduce the basic functionality of our new flexjs-maven-plugin, but also the reasons and strategies we had in migrating the project from Ant to Maven.


Christofer DutzChristofer Dutz