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Becoming a Groovy Team


GR8Conf EU

IT-Universität Kopenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej, København, Dänemark

tl;dr I will describe the influences on team effectiveness, show what our team is doing to improve our team effectiveness, and discuss the challenges we had and the lessons we learned, so far.

Many projects are done collaboratively by teams. The team generates the outcome, creates new ideas and ideally organises itself. On the other hand there are a challenges like unclear communication, social structures and knowledge sharing, that can influence productivity, and feelgood factors. Following the learnings of recent research on the dysfunctions of teams, and influences on team effectiveness, I will show, what we try on our team to implement those learnings. I want to share our challenges we had so far, like how to find time for the team, when there is work to be done. Also the lessons we learned so far will be addressed.

Disclaimer: Non-Technical Talk

Christian StreiblChristian Streibl