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Beyond agile – doing the right thing in a post-agile world



UCI Kinowelt Düsseldorf, Hammer Straße, Düsseldorf, Germany

Everybody is „agile“ these days. But what started as an important counterbalance to exuberant software engineering processes has become an end in itself. We are „agile“, because that is what „one does“. Period! In this keynote, I would like to commit some „agile heresy“ and tell you there is a world beyond agile. I will show you a world based on value and uncertainty where „agile“ certainly has its place. But we will also discover a lot of other places where we need different approaches to succeed. And we will learn that post-agile world needs a more flexible thinking than just being „agile“. But be warned: After this keynote you might feel a sudden urge to return to your company and start destroying some of the the agile idols and cargo cults that you ardously built in the last years … 😉

Uwe FriedrichsenUwe Friedrichsen