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Building Automation at codecentric’s Headquarters – A Look Behind the Scenes



Forum am Schlosspark, Stuttgarter Straße, Ludwigsburg, Deutschland

What would you do if you were sitting in a new office building equipped with all sorts of sensors? Right, you’d want to take it and create something with it, and that’s exactly what we did: Since early 2018, we have been building a 3D control panel not only displaying the real-time state of the numerous IoT devices, but also allowing us to control them without leaving our desks.

We now want to share with you how we tackled this project and how it looks under the hood starting with the vibration sensor at our coffee machine all the way to the light switch in our browser windows.

The talk will give an overview over the architecture – device to frontend – that we have been building and using at our codecentric office. For each building block, we will also touch on some alternatives and explain why we decided against them. In addition, we will talk about other use cases for the technology stack we have been working with.


Anna BacksAnna Backs
Christina ZenzesChristina Zenzes