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Cassandra & Spark Workshop


distributed matters

Beuth Hochschule, Luxemburger Straße, Berlin, Deutschland

In this hands on workshop we will discover the advantages of big data analytics with Cassandra and Spark. We start with Spark Basics: setting it up, using the spark shell and building simple applications. After the basics will we use Spark to analyze data stored in a Cassandra database. We will also take a brief look into Spark MLLib, Spark Streaming and Spark SQL.

We will use an local Cassandra & Spark installation. For the training you should have laptop with a installed JDK (at least 6, better 8 to use lambdas) with at least 8 GB of memory. Cassandra and Spark both work on Windows but if you have enough memory you maybe want to use a Linux VM. Mac is also fine. As the time is limited we will not dig into Cassandra, so a basic Cassandra knowledge would be great. Furthermore you should have some Scala or Java skills.

Matthias NiehoffMatthias Niehoff