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From Ceremonies to Events – reducing cargo cult and improving efficiency


Topconf Düsseldorf

Nördlicher Zubringer 6, 40470, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Your agile process has become boring or ineffective?

Those discussions about user stories have become old? That burn down chart that once provided guidance has become dull? We could go on about things that might have taken a turn for worse in some agile projects and will do so in this short talk. We will not only shed some light on those practices and their place in Agile environments, but also – and more importantly – introduce some alternatives that are still absolutely in line with agile processes (e.g. Scrum) and the agile mindset.

Why the title? Well, that is a hat-tip to Scrum. One of the things that changed in the 2016 edition of the Scrum Guide was that the term „ceremony“ has been replaced with „event“ – reflecting a significant mind-shift and subtly hinting at the issues with cargo-cult agile.

Thomas EppingThomas Epping