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Serverless fleet tracking at scale with AWS IoT and Lambda


AWS Serverless Web Day

The Internet of Things is considered the third wave of the development of the internet adding billions of devices and increasing the number of data exponentially. This is only possible with a scalable backbone which is the public cloud made popular by Amazon with AWS. There have been in the past attempts to develop new products based on device data to leverage new business model. They had to cope with a limited amount of resources for their business cases. Such an example is the tracking of a large fleet of vehicles for compliance and optimization purposes. We at codecentric helped a customer to evolve his architecture from an application server with RDS to a serverless architecture with AWS IoT and Lambda. For that purpose, we built a PoC which was able to access real live (hot) and historic (cold) vehicle data. The resulting serverless scalable architecture and the performance results will be presented in this talk.

Conrad PöpkeConrad Pöpke