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Continuous Delivery on the Kubernetes Platform



Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

Continuous Delivery and automated deployment is considered a prerequisite by many people for a successful use of a microservice architecture. And Kubernetes has proven to be a great player in the container orchestration space. So why not couple these great projects as a DevOps platform?

In this in-depth session we will cover the basics and advanced usage of automated deployment pipelines for Kubernetes using Jenkins and its new pipeline feature. After a successful build the artifacts will be deployed using helm, the new package manager of the Kubernetes project. By defining customizable recipes helm will help to provide repeatable but configurable deployments. You can even roll back to the state before a deployment.

The basic theory will be presented to the audience and afterwards everyone in the room will get their hands dirty and deliver some great software using the tools mentioned.

Nicolas BylNicolas Byl