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ELM – The Game Changer



Tagungs- und Konferenzräume Jahrhunderthaus, Alleestraße, Bochum, Deutschland

In this talk at RuhrJS in Bochum Bastian will make the point why Elm changes the way you develop web applications thoroughly and for the better.

Elm is a functional reactive programming language that compiles to JS. Elm makes it easy to use the FRP style to build anything from simple websites to complex interactive applications in a clean and beautiful manner. The language focuses on developer happiness to make web development a delightful experience. Runtime errors just do not happen – ever! Thus you can focus on creating your app instead of hunting down bugs.

If you are looking for a deep-dive into Elm, check out Bastian’s blog series „Elm Friday“. Here is the table of contents.

Bastian KrolBastian Krol