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Farewell Any => Unit, Welcome Akka Typed!


Scala eXchange

The Business Design Centre, Upper Street, London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Akka has become a very successful platform for building reactive systems. At its core the akka-actor module implements the actor model as created by Carl Hewitt et al. Surprisingly enough, although Scala and Java are type safe languages, Akka actors are untyped. This means that we can send any message to an actor even though this will only handle specific ones – the compiler is not able to help us. Fortunately rescue is at hand in the form of Akka Typed. In this talk at Scala eXchange 2017 in London, Heiko Seeberger introduces its API, discusses differences between the „old and new“ world and shows options for migration and integration.

A lot of additional content on Akka can be found on the codecentric blog, check it out!

Heiko SeebergerHeiko Seeberger