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Frontends for IoT Systems built with Apache Flex


ApacheCon Europe

Meliã Sevilla Convention Centre, Calle Doctor Pedro de Castro, Sevilla, Spanien

I want to introduce you to my little cyborg. It’s based on a Rapiro robot, but filled with an Arduino for controlling its movement, an Intel Edison for higher brain functions and stuff like voice control, video object detection and much more. With all of it’s different types sensors and actors this makes it a perfekt simulation of an IoT backend which I will use to demonstrate how easy it is to create a perfect looking and working frontend to your IoT system with Apache Flex.

In this talk I will be focussing on both the server-side and the client-side. BlazeDS‘ Spring-Boot-Starter it has become extremely easy to setup the server-side. I will be explaining the steps needed to open your Spring services to be called by a Flex client as well as enabling publish-subscribe push communication from the server. On the client-side I will be demonstrating the counterpart of this communication.

Christofer DutzChristofer Dutz