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How to build a consultancy people enjoy working for


GOTO Berlin

bcc Berlin Congress Center GmbH, Alexanderstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

Uwe will be giving this presentation together with Erik Dörnenburg (ThoughtWorks) and Stefan Tilkov (INNOQ)

What are companies doing to be attractive employers for great people? The companies represented by the three speakers, codecentric, INNOQ, and ThoughtWorks, are quite different but they also have something in common: They are consultancies addressing similar markets, and they aim to attract talented individuals by being an employer people want to work with. In this session the three speakers will give some insights into how their companies achieve this. What works well? Which approaches turned out to be a dead end? And in which areas are they still looking for ideas? Find out how to create a place people want to start working for, and more importantly, continue to do so in the long run.


Uwe FriedrichsenUwe Friedrichsen