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How to build X in 3D – A short introduction to BabylonJS


FullStack London

Business Design Centre, London, UK

Who has not dreamed of creating something in 3D, or even better: 3D running in a browser?! Anna and Christina also had this dream, and during a hackathon in early 2018 together they finally fulfilled it by using BabylonJS. They started to build an interactive control panel for managing all IoT devices in their office building. Having had no prior experience whatsoever, they got to know the framework by working with it and having to fix their own mistakes.

In this talk, Anna and Christina will share their experiences using BabylonJS and show you how to get started with building 3D web applications. It will cover all the basics needed to implement a small 3D web app with BabylonJS.

Anna BacksAnna Backs
Christina ZenzesChristina Zenzes