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UCI Kinowelt Düsseldorf, Hammer Straße, Düsseldorf, Germany

The internet is a dangerous place. But while new exploits are being created, new protections are being invented. But one question for the average developer has remained: How do you secure the software you are creating? In this talk I want to give an overview how to secure your software delivery process. We will start at the scanning of your dependencies at build time, like libraries, frameworks or base docker images. We will continue this journey by looking at possiblitlies to check which of your applications are affected when a security issue is raised. But while most of these tools are already around for some time, the process of finding new versions of dependencies has been a tedious one. New tools like Renovate (https://renovatebot.com/) offer an automation to this problem which makes this a lot easier and faster. In the final part of the talk, we will examine how this can can be incorporated into your pipeline.
Nicolas BylNicolas Byl