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MQTT: The Glue for the Internet of Things



333 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, California 94102, USA

This session is about a real MQTT-driven IoT stack with several sensors and remote-controlled switches. You’ll see how, via a secured connection to a remote MQTT broker, data is measured by microcontroller-driven sensors transmitted and displayed by JavaFX-based MQTT applications on various platforms (desktop, embedded, and mobile devices) and custom NeoPixel-driven gauges. The presentation introduces MQTT.fx, a free desktop application available for Windows, OS X, and Linux for testing, simulating, and debugging MQTT communications. On the agenda:
• Introducing the IoT network components
• Introducing the MQTT protocol
• Overview of securing MQTT traffic
• Overview of the very active MQTT ecosystem
• Introducing MQTT.fx
• Live demo

Jens DetersJens Deters