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Production-ready Data Science with Python and Luigi


Big Data Conference Vilnius

Kalvarijų gatvė 137, Vilnius, Litauen

The rapidly growing size of data has broadened the role of data scientists. Instead of creating models for one-off analysis, it’s becoming common to use prototypes in real-world applications. Spotify Luigi helps to enable such scenarios, without having to learn a whole bunch of new technologies. We will define what production-readyness for data centric applications means and how Luigi’s concepts and modules help us to stride step by step closer to a production ready application.

Goals to achieve in this talk:
* Learn the nitty-gritty details of operating a data-centric application in production
* Build a robust ML-Pipeline from scratch with Spotify Luigi
* Discover and learn how to utilize some of Luigis modules to avoid boilerplate code
* Learn how easy it is to transition prototyped models to production ready code

Mark KeinhörsterMark Keinhörster