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Productive, Efficient, Depressed: A true story about performance, perfectionism, and burnout in IT


Topconf Düsseldorf

Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel, Nördlicher Zubringer, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

More than two decades of working in IT had taken Dennis to his physical limits. His collapse came unexpected but, in reality, he could easily have seen it coming. But it also was about time! That way, Dennis was able to realize that he had failed to look after himself for the most part of his life. He had only focused on what he thought others expected of him.

Since his burnout, Dennis has been spending a lot of time finding out what’s important to him. And one of these things is to share his experience with burnout and depression as a major issue in modern society. He talks about our obsession with performance and productivity, and about the negative self-image that troubles so many of us.
He shares his ideas on how we can clear our minds from time to time, how to be able to find our true selves. It seems like nowadays, everything and everyone needs to be faster, better, more perfect. Dennis will show you how you can find some time and space for yourself and what’s important to you.
Dennis TraubDennis Traub