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Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS


Coding Serbia

Novi Sad, Wojwodina

Akka and AngularJS are a great combination for Reactive Apps. Akka takes care of vertical and horizontal scaling as well as resilience and with AngularJS it’s easy to implement a rich and highly responsive UI talking to an Akka backend via messages. In this session we will build an exemplary Reactive App step by step: starting from the stanalone UI we first introduce Akka HTTP and Server-Sent Events running on a single node and then move on to an elastic and resilient service built with features like Akka Distributed Data (CRDTs), Akka Cluster Sharding and Akka Persistence.

## Take-Aways
– See the Reactive Manifesto implemented live
– Introduction to Akka HTTP and advanced Akka Cluster features
– Get a glimpse at idiomatic Scala/Akka code

## Level
– Intermediate
– Only a few slides, but a lot of code


Heiko SeebergerHeiko Seeberger