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Resilient functional service design


Topconf Tallinn

Tallinna Kultuurikatel SA, Põhja puiestee, Tallinn, Estland

With the rise of cloud, (micro)services and alike, we talk a lot about resilience as we need it to create robust distributed systems.
Unfortunately, we usually only talk about the technical aspects – patterns, technologies, libraries and more. While these are important ingredients in resilient software design, they are worthless without a corresponding functional service design.
A very simple example: If service A always needs input from service B to do something useful, service A can never become robust with respect to failures of service B, no matter how much effort you put in technical robustness measures.

In this session we will explore, how much functional design affects the overall robustness of a solution (spoiler: a lot!) and learn how to deliver a better „resilient functional service design“.

Uwe FriedrichsenUwe Friedrichsen