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Towards a resilience pattern language


Berlin Expert Days

Urania Berlin e. V., An der Urania, Berlin, Deutschland

To make the complex, distributed and highly interconnected system landscapes of today robust, responsive and highly available, we need to implement resilience into them on the application level.

Many patterns exist how to implement resilience into an application. The daunting question is which patterns to pick and how to combine them in order to match your specific needs best.

In this session at Berlin Expert Days 2016 we will get an overview about the resilience pattern landscape, organize them in a little taxonomy and explore a few patterns in more detail. Then we will learn a small guideline how to create a resilience pattern language and some examples of known choices and combinations.

After this session, you will be better capable to pick the resilience patterns you need to satisfy your specific robustness needs and combine to your pattern language.

Uwe FriedrichsenUwe Friedrichsen