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The truth about „You build it, you run it!“



Rheingoldhalle, Rheinstraße, Mainz, Deutschland

The first thing, you often hear when mentioning DevOps is „You build it, you run it!“. Especially managers seem to love that phrase as it appears to be the sadly missed weapon to discipline those coltish and irresponsible developers.

Unfortunately, that’s also often where the understanding of DevOps ends. Especially in bigger companies, that go for „DevOps, microservices and all that“ very strange processes are set up that reduce the original ideas to absurdity. But also in other places, the required prerequisites for „You build it, you run it!“ are not established.

In this session at JAX 2017 we will have a closer look at the common goals of DevOps and learn
* when and why we need them,
* what belongs to it,
* how to do it,
* and which other prerequisites must be met before we can even think about „You build it, you run it!“

After this session, the next time someone tells you „You build it, you run it!“, you will answer „Sure! I’d love to – as soon as you have taken care about the following issues …“

Uwe FriedrichsenUwe Friedrichsen