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Zero Defect Frontends


XP 2017

Pullman Cologne, Helenenstraße, Köln, Deutschland

Are you tired of hunting down bugs in your code? Honestly, why are you still doing this instead of simply writing code, that has zero bugs, all the time?

Meet Elm, a purely functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. One of the most interesting properties of the language is a very strong guarantee: The compiled code will have no runtime errors at all!

With this, you can finally have a code base that is verifiably free of defects. Large refactorings are no longer scary with this level of confidence, which benefits the long term maintainability and adaptability.

However, this talk is not only about Elm: We will take a close look at Elm’s high level concepts in a broader scope, that is, stateless functions, immutable values, unidirectional data flow and Elm’s architectural model for applications. We will then discuss how these concepts make it easy to write high quality code consistently, and how these benefits can be translated to other programming languages as well.

Bastian KrolBastian Krol