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Charge your APIs Volume 7: Enhancing APIOps - API Diffing with Tufin/oasdiff

21.6.2023 | 2 minutes of reading time

Throughout our exploration of API Operations (APIOps), we've covered a range of concepts - from Continuous Integration and Deployment to API testing under stress. These pillars of APIOps have brought us invaluable insights, helping to streamline our workflows and ensure robustness and efficiency in our APIs. Our journey continues today as we introduce a new player into our existing pipeline - Tufin/oasdiff, a powerful tool that aids us in detecting changes in our API specifications.

API Diffing with Tufin/oasdiff

API diffing is the process of comparing two versions of an API to detect changes, additions, and removals. This is crucial for maintaining version control and ensuring backward compatibility. Tufin/oasdiff is an open-source tool designed to compare OpenAPI specifications (OAS) and highlight the differences. For this demonstration, we'll be utilizing Tufin/oasdiff in a Docker container, integrating it into our existing GitHub Actions pipeline.

Step 1: Incorporating Tufin/oasdiff into the Build Job

We're going to add a new step into our build job in the GitHub Actions workflow to run Tufin/oasdiff. This step will compare the current API definition with the previous one and report any differences.

2    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
3    steps:
4    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
5    - name: Install Vacuum CLI
6      run: npm install -g vacuum-cli
7    - name: Install Portman CLI
8      run: npm install -g portman
9    - name: Run Vacuum CLI for linting
10      run: vacuum validate ./path-to-your-api-spec-file.yaml
11    - name: Run Portman tests
12      run: portman --cliOptionsFile portman-cli-options.json
13    - name: API Diffing with Tufin/oasdiff
14      run: |
15        docker pull tufin/oas-diff
16        docker run -v ${PWD}:/data tufin/oas-diff old-api-spec.yaml new-api-spec.yaml

Step 2: Understanding the Output

Tufin/oasdiff provides a detailed report of the differences between two OpenAPI specifications. It categorizes changes into 'Breaking', 'Smooth', and 'Unknown'. 'Breaking' changes are those that cause incompatibility with the previous version, 'Smooth' changes are backward compatible, and 'Unknown' changes are those that may or may not be breaking. This output will help us decide whether to proceed with the deployment job or not.


APIOps is a multifaceted domain, and each component - be it Continuous Integration, Deployment, Load Testing, or API Diffing - plays a critical role in ensuring robust, efficient, and reliable APIs. The inclusion of Tufin/oasdiff in our pipeline underscores the importance of vigilance in tracking changes and maintaining compatibility. With every new tool and concept, we edge closer to mastering the art of API management. Onwards and upwards, API enthusiasts!


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