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API Gateway and Service Mesh in the context of service connectivity

23.2.2021 | 1 minutes of reading time

When thinking about the development of microservices and their connectivity, one inevitably stumbles across the terms / patterns of API gateway and service mesh. But why do these patterns or technologies exist at all? Sometimes it also happens that the patterns are mixed up with each other in terms of content, because a deeper understanding of the application of the patterns is missing and a tutorial is not necessarily the best basis. To begin with, it is important to take a look at the OSI network layer model. This model is the basis for all subsequent considerations.

OSI network layer model

The model describes the relevant network protocols in the form of layers as a reference. Throughout this blog post, we will return to this model again and again. The API gateway has yet been described in detail in various blogposts, but here we will summarise the most important points for a possible comparison with a service mesh.


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