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Database Library 2.0 for the Robot Framework

20.2.2012 | 2 minutes of reading time

It has been really long time since the initial release of the Database Library for the Robot Framework.

But finally a new release is available that contains some bugfixes as well as some additional keywords. But the biggest improvement is for sure the support of the Robot Framework Remote Server Interface. This allows you to start the Database Library as an own server and thus relieves you to use Jython to be able to take this library into use. (Thanks to this project , which has been a great help in implementing the remote server functionality.)

In addition the project has been moved to GitHub , which is a really nice place to develop software :). But that is just a side note.

Just as a reference here are the release notes, which can be also found on GitHub of course .


Beside some bugfixing and a few new keywords (see below) the biggest enhancement in this release is the support of the Robot Framework Remote Library feature. More information on this can be found from the Library Documentation.

New Keywords

There are some new keywords available with this release of the Database Library. Those are listed in the following. Details can be found from the Library Documentation.

Store Query Result To File
Compare Query Result To file
Execute SQL From File
Execute SQL From File Ignoring Errors
Row Should Not Exist In Table
Closed Issues

Run SQL Statements from Script: This is fixed as there are tow new keywords available to do this.
Support Robot Framework Remote Library: Remote Server feature is implemented now.
Library make Bad version number in .class file: Compilation is now done for Java 5.

All downloads can be found from here. This includes a complete example that demonstrates the usage of the library as such and is now extended to the usage of the new remote server feature.

You can nowadays also find a more compressed homepage for the Database Library here. And the latest keyword documentation is available from here.

Have fun :-).

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