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MongoDB: Tutorial

27.12.2012 | 2 minutes of reading time

This is the seventh and final blog post on my series on studying MongoDB by following the 10gen Developer Class . And this post will be quite different from all the previous ones and as I believe for a good reason.

I started all this rather spontaneously. A colleague pointed out the possibility to enroll for the course in our company intranet and I thought: Why not? MongoDB is a hot topic for our company, but until then I had no contact with it in my projects so far. This is by the way the reason the first post in this series was called “First Contact” . Ok, and because I am a Trekkie :-).

Only after enrolling for the course I started to think of the blogging series to share what I am learning there and to give an impression on the course (which was by the way really excellent). As I have been working with relational databases ever since starting programming I tried to give this topic a somewhat specific viewpoint (coming from RDBS) every now and then.

Now it is almost two months later and I am looking back at the series and I am thinking: Wow, that would probably make a pretty good MongoDB tutorial for someone who wants to start mongoing. But one bad thing is that it might be hard to find certain topics due to the fantasy film title headings I had chosen. Therefore this post will give again an overview on all the posts and the corresponding topics to make it hopefully easier to use. In addition I have created a Ref-Card in PDF-format from those topics that can be downloaded at the end of this posting as well.

It was really fun writing this and I hope you will have as much fun in reading it. Of course any questions or comments are welcome in the comments-section of this post or the individual ones.

– Thomas

MongoDB – Tutorial

The MongoDB class series

Part 1 – Introduction & Installation (was MongoDB: First Contact)
Part 2 – Mongo-Shell, Querying, Inserting, Updating and Deleting Documents (was MongoDB: Second Round)
Part 3 – Schema Design, Joins and Transactions (was MongoDB: Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
Part 4 – Indexes, Indexes, Indexes (was MongoDB: I am Number Four)
Part 5 – Aggregation Functions & Aggregation Framework (was MongoDB: The Fith Element)
Part 6 – Durability of Writes, Fault Tolerance and Scaling (was MongoDB: The Sixth Sense)

The Java Supplemental Series

This supplemental series gives some hands-on examples doing some MongoDB-programming in Java.

Part 1 – MongoDB: Supplemental – GRIDFS Example in Java
Part 2 – MongoDB: Supplemental – A complete Java Project – Part 1
Part 3 – MongoDB: Supplemental – A complete Java Project – Part 2

MongoDB – Ref-Card (or Cheat-Sheet)

Download MongoDB Ref-Card (Version 1.0 from 27th of December 2012): MongoDB-CheatSheet-v1_0

Want more MongoDB?

Visit the MongoDB Community at Google+

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