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Spring Boot Admin 1.1.0 – New Release is out

10.12.2014 | 2 minutes of reading time

After some time we released the next version of Spring Boot Admin with some great new features, like UI-based Log Level Management, more detailed and redesigned Metrics Dashboards and a JMX Admininstration UI. A big thanks to our main contributer Johannes who has implemented the main part of this release. This blog post gives you a short overview of the new features and fixed bugs. For further informations and installation instructions please have a look at Github .

New UI-Features

  • Easy, intuitive log level management (see screenshot below)
  • Interact with JMX Beans
  • JVM & memory metrics (see screenshot below)
  • Detailed health (needs Spring Boot 1.2.0 on clients)
  • Datasource details (needs Spring Boot 1.2.0 on clients)
  • Support for rich-gauge metrics (needs Spring Boot 1.2.0 on clients)
  • View thread-dumps
  • Remove offline applications

New Client-Features

  • Support for Basic-Auth secured admin server
  • Configurable client URL reported to the admin server

New Server-Features

  • Support hazelcast for cluster replication
  • Allow multiple applications with same name and different URLs
  • Support searching for applications by name via REST


  • CORS-Headers are added for management-endpoints only
  • CORS-Headers are added if management.port != server.port
  • The logfile isn’t downloaded to test availabilty, doing a HEAD request instead
  • The logfile is exposed as management endpoint
  • is chosen for application name – isn’t needed anymore
  • Less flickering on refresh in overview
  • Allow custom-context path for admin server
  • Better chosen default client URL respecting mangagement-port & context-path

Next steps

We got a lot of positive feedback from the open source community. Thank you for that! Actually we think about to extend the admin server to work as a lightweight service repository, therefore the ability to lookup applications by name etc. There are already some great projects available (e.g. Consul, Eureka, etcd). What do you think about it? Does it make sense to go into this direction? Pull requests are always very welcome. We have also a new Gitter Chat where you can leave your comments and questions.

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