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Spring Boot Admin – First official release!

25.9.2014 | 1 minutes of reading time

Today we are happy to announce the first official release of Spring Boot Admin. My colleague Thomas has created this Admin Application for Spring Boot a few weeks ago. Basically it gives you an overview of all running Spring Boot Micro Services in your environment. It shows the status, the version and the health of the applications in the dashboard and gives you also detailed informations such as JVM metrics, properties, loglevels, etc. All these data comes from the Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints . For futher informations, you can read the initial blog post here . The artifacts are also available on Maven Central so you can use it very easily in your project.

The following features have been recently added:

  • Visualization of JVM Metrics (see screenshot below)
  • Table Layout for the rest of the informations and properties
  • Raw links to directly access the JSON data
  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.1.6 and Spring 4.0.7

Setup the server

To create the Spring Boot Admin Server add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

2   <groupId>de.codecentric</groupId>
3   <artifactId>spring-boot-admin-server</artifactId>
4   <versions>1.0.2</version>

and place the Annotation “EnableAdminServer” in your Spring Boot Starter Class.

4public class Application {
5    public static void main(String[] args) {
6, args);
7    }

Client Applications

Each application that want to register itself to the admin application has to include the [spring-boot-starter-admin-client]( as dependency.

2   <groupId>de.codecentric</groupId>
3   <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-admin-client</artifactId>
4   <versions>1.0.2</version>

Inside your you also have to define the URL of the Spring Boot Admin Server, e.g.


The source code and a running example is available here .

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