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Charge your APIs Volume 8: Expanding APIOps - API Portals and Marketplaces

28.6.2023 | 2 minutes of reading time

In our previous blog posts, we've taken an exciting journey through the world of API Operations (APIOps), exploring concepts like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, load testing with k6, and API diffing with Tufin/oasdiff. By integrating these various practices into a comprehensive pipeline on GitHub Actions, we've created a robust, efficient, and flexible workflow for managing APIs. Today, we're adding a new dimension to this workflow by introducing API Portals and Marketplaces.

API Portals and Marketplaces

API Portals and Marketplaces are platforms where APIs are published, discovered, and consumed. They provide a central location for developers to browse and use APIs, offering resources like API documentation, API keys, and usage analytics. By integrating API Portals and Marketplaces into our pipeline, we can automate the process of publishing and updating our APIs on these platforms, making them readily available for use by developers around the world.

Step 1: Adding a Deploy-to-Portal Job to the Pipeline

First, we will add a new job named deploy-to-pam to our pipeline. This job will run after the load-test job, taking the load-tested API and publishing it to an API Portal or Marketplace.

2    needs: load-test
3    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
4    steps:
5    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
6    - name: Deploy to API Portal/Marketplace
7      run: |
8        # The command to deploy the API to the Portal or Marketplace
9        # will depend on the specific platform being used

Step 2: Configuring the deploy-to-pam Job

The specific command to deploy the API to the Portal or Marketplace will depend on the platform you're using. Many platforms offer CLI tools or APIs that can be used to automate the deployment process. You will need to configure this command with the necessary credentials and parameters for your API and the Portal or Marketplace.


The integration of API Portals and Marketplaces into our APIOps pipeline opens up new opportunities for the distribution and use of our APIs. It not only automates the publication and update process but also broadens the reach of our APIs, making them accessible to a global community of developers. As we continue to enhance our pipeline and expand our understanding of APIOps, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of API management. Let's keep exploring!


GitHub - codecentric/github-apiops-pipeline: An APIOps Pipeline for Github

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