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GOTO Prague 2011

25.11.2011 | 1 minutes of reading time

This year, the GOTO conference ( ) family has become bigger and added a wonderful new member location: Prague (

I visited the conference and am also very proud of having given 2 talks there.

The conference offered 4 tracks (Agile, Architecture, Solution, Technology) on 2 days plus 1 training day (Erlang, Scala). Because the conference has been rescheduled, some of the originally announced speakers couldn’t come. But the program was great and informative anyway.

I couldn’t attend all tracks – there always were 3 sessions running in parallel, and I also needed some time before and after my own talks. From what I’ve attended I can say that the overall quality was pretty high. And this is valid for speakers as well as for attendees. Especially sessions by Attila Szegedi, Robert Virding and Vaclav Pech were very interesting to me and offered from my point of view a good, deep dive into the topics. From what I’ve noticed on Twitter, attendees were satified with the overall quality of talks.

I would like to thank the organizers for a great event. The official social event was untypical and supported many good conversations. Attendees and speakers have also organized some interesting own social events. The one I liked the best was of course the Erlounge Prague.

I would say, the conference was a success. I hope to go there again, also because Prague is such a wonderful city!

If you want to see the slides of my own talks:

The Agile Alibi

Theoretical Aspects Of Distributed Systems – Playfully Illustrated

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