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1.8.2012 | 3 minutes of reading time

Since a couple of years different ideas, concepts and methods are propagated under the buzzwords “Agility” and “Software Craftmanship”. But how good are they working in an economic everyday project life?

Within the framework of my job at codecentric I use many of these ideas, concepts and methods in my own projects and introduce them to different customers in the context of agile consulting. In doing so I often face wide differences between theoretic ideas and practical implementation. The existing business environment and the natural inertia in change processes frequently require a decisive adoption. How can you verify agile concepts and ideas in a project situation as realistic as possible? This requires a project environment with its necessities and difficulties, but all persons involved are able to think and act agile and further more the project interfaces (i.e. to the management) are in line with the agile approach, too. The time time pressure to deliver, which is typical for a project, has to be present.

We are going to run such an experiment during ALE2012 . ALE2012 is a project within the framework of Agile Lean Europe (ALE) , the network for precursors and activists in Agile and Lean in Europe.  Being  an unconference it conduces to inspiration and exchange of ideas beyond European borders. In this year ALE2012 is taking place in Barcelona from 29th to 31st August and again codecentric will be one of the sponsors.

The experiment will be carried out under the title “Open Space Software Development”. In continuing development sessions of one hour we will be working on a software product. These sessions will take place on all three days of the unconference (see agenda). Each person can participate for one hour or several hours, depending on time and interest. One session will begin with a short planning phase of five minutes during which the current session team plans the realization of the next feature. Then the team has 45 minutes for implementation and direct delivery of the new feature in terms of Continuous Delivery. As many methods and practices of Agile and Software Craftmanship as the participants consider reasonable shall be applied. However one should never lose sight of the fact that the main point is to implement and deliver new features within on hour. During the last ten minutes of the session the realized features will be shortly introduced and the handover to the next session is taking place.

The participants of the unconference shall be able to use the developed software product directly. Thus the users can give an immediate feedback about the product.

At the end of each unconference day a retrospective session is taking place, in which participants can reflect advantages and disadvantages of the used methods and, where nessesary, they can develop changes fot the coming days.

Since we intend to offer attendance at the experiment to as many unconference participants as possible, we would like to know in which programming language you would implement the project and how experienced your are in the using of this language. Please see the corresponding form .

I hope that I was able to spark your interest in our experiment and would be glad if you help us by joining it at the unconference. Please register online for ALE2012 and come to Barcelona!


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