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26.3.2009 | 3 minutes of reading time

Knowledge Leadership is one of the core values of codecentric and a high standard for each of our team members. By introducing the 4+1 week, with one day for training and innovation each week, we have established a competitive advantage and with over 30 days of training we are far ahead of our competition. A year ago we have introduced so called “Friday Meetings” for internal knowledge transfer. Every last friday of a month we do an internal workshop with at least two presentations of our experts – or we invite an external speaker. This friday Mr. Wittwer from oose will present about “Agile Project Management”. Topics are in the areas of Java, Open Source, Architecturr, Agility and Performance. The big success of the “Friday Meetings” is both a result of the quality of the presentation and the open discussions we have after the meetings. Customers that joined our meetings also enjoyed the experts and the codecetric atmosphere. So in the last weeks we have asked ourselves: “Shouldn’t we make this concept open for public?” This idea resulted in “meet the experts ” – a professional version of our “Friday Meetings” with the same values and principles. Every three month we will invite the best experts for a special topic – with a total of four presentations. After theses sessions we will organize an Open Space . An Open Space will give the attendees an opportunity to introduce new topics and problems, so that newly build groups can discuss these topics in separate locations. Beside the unique presentations of “meet the experts”, the event will give you the opportunity to talk with all the experts and to expand your network. Therfore we will provide our nice office in “Old Court of Solingen” and will have a catering team take care of all attendees the whole day and night. We have a lot of agile spaces in our offices, which include a very good library (see picture) and a lot of meeting space with whiteboards and flipcharts. The first “meet the experts” will be held on 26th of June with “Performance” as it’s topic. We already can confirm that Dr. Heinz Kabutz , the Java Specialist and Kirk Pepperdine from will join us and present on performance topics. In addition to that Alois Reitbauer from dynaTrace and I will hold a presentation. Together with Alois I am writing the Java Performance Antipatterns articles that are published in the Java Magazin . We also hope that a lot of performance experts of our customers and other companies will join us, so that we’ll have good dicussions and an interesting Open Space. We hope to welcome you on our first “meet the experts” and we suggest to register quickly as the number of seats is limited. This year we plan two additional “meet the experts” – at the 4th of September for Agility and at 13th of November for Architecture topics. We would be very happy to get your feedback about what you think about “meet the experts” and which topics and experts you would like to see at these special events.


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