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On my way to the Agile Testing Days 09 in Berlin

11.10.2009 | 2 minutes of reading time

Travelling by train is a thing that always makes me feel very relaxed. And while I was still thinking whether to use the time on the train by preparing for my SCWCD exam or not I peacefully felt asleep. After waking up in Bielefeld (which felt strange as that City does not exist ) I decided to grap my Netbbok and start writing some different kind of article for our company blog, which is by nature quite technically :-). Looking out of the window it is grey and rainy, but my seat in the ICE is nice, warm and dry while we are heading with 200 KM/H towards the Agile Testing Days Berlin.

Already since Saturday there are coming messages via Twitter from other people joining the conference. Information is shared on the travelling and first common activities in Berlin. Of course I am looking with special interest @testobsessed as I am looking already forward to her tutorial “Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Practice” tomorrow. And I am also following @Pekka Klärck with a lot of interest as I am very interested in the development of the Robot Frameworks and Pekka is as close to this development as one can be. This also means that for Tuesday on slot is already set, namely: “Pekka Klärck: Introduction to Robot Framework”. Even though I have already quite some experience in working with the tool I am sure there will be some interesting new things to learn for me still. Coming back to Twitter: I really believe it is a very useful tools for conferences giving an easy way for broadcasting messages. Could be used to meet for dinner or just to create some common good mood for the event as such.

Given the amount of – unfortunelty in parallel running – sessions it is good that my collegue Andreas has already arrived in Berlin. This way we can visit different sessions. Of course this means we have to negotiate still who will visit which session :). On Tuesday I am very interested in “Agile Testing: A Report from the Frontline” by Joke Hettema and Ralph Roosmalen in addition to the session by Pekka. Wednesday tough decisions will be needed as well, but “Bridging the gap between agile and traditional testing” by Anko Tijman is on my list of favorites. For the rest of the slots I am not yet really sure.

Ok, as my collegues are anyway telling me all the time that my blog entries are way too long I make it short for today and keep the really long entries for the following days at the conference. This brings me back to the decision whether to have a look at my SCWCD book or some matches of “Go” on my iPhone. But well, considering my experinces with travelling by train I will probably be back to sleep as soon as I put the laptop back to my bag ;).


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