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How to test hypotheses about VR meetings – Virtual Interaction Room part 7

29.1.2020 | 2 minutes of reading time

Why testing hypotheses about VR meetings?

2 weeks back, our innovation team was in the middle of a “innovation project kickoff week” – an awesome experience where 5 coaches were guiding us through things like

  • product vision
  • assumption mapping
  • persona design
  • lean experiments (see for more details)
  • sales & pricing strategy and
  • pitching for investors

The workshop would justify his own blog article (or even a series) so I just want to share a few of the outcomes here. If you want to catch up with previous episodes, here’s a link collection:

1. value proposition and assets

2. usage scenarios and features

3. moderation formats

4. market overview and practical experience

5. “Cheat sheet” for VR moderators

6. VR entry barriers

Oh, and before I forget: we even decided for a product name: 2gather A working title but we like it. Do you? Leave a comment!

Our current experiments

If this assumption would be wrong, we are in deep trouble 😉 Seriously: if we realize that people are not using VR regularly in a professional context, we need to act urgently. We already realized that the “pull” is not as tangible as we hoped. While we still believe that we can achieve the success criterion in the given time frame, we started focussing more on those contacts who have shown a major interest in our solution. How can we address their needs better? What problem are we solving for them? What gain does our solution have for them?

How to find potential customers? How to talk to them to better understand their needs? We decided to invest into a booth on the Digital Demo Day in Düsseldorf on February 13th. Luckily, our partner meetinVR is supporting us with a banner (and a working software of course ;-))

A classic move, isn’t it? 🙂 We still need to speak with our marketing how to tune the page a bit and how to do some basic advertising, but we are online! Check it out: 2gather in VR <3<3<3

Last but not least: can we do it? We are so self-confident but if we really want to run a business, we’d better be sure. So we try building it (just a proof of concept though). Curious? Here’s a sneak peak:

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You can see that the hand recognition has made it into the prototype. Yeehaw!

To be continued…

Part 8: Integrating collaboration tools into Virtual Reality

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