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Usage of TDD in practice

20.5.2010 | 1 minutes of reading time

How much is TDD used in daily business? How much should it be used?
To find that out, I started a little survey. The results will be made public on this blog soon. I’d love to get as much participation as possible, of course 🙂 So please continue reading only after answering a few questions (should only take two minutes).

Survey regarding “TDD in practice”

Update: The survey results are available .

My current take is, that TDD is expected to be helpful, either by own experience or as an expectation towards TDD, but still its not generally applied in projects. One reason why this is so, might be a lack of competence!

A possibility to build up or extend your TDD competence are katas: a karate term saying that it’s not about doing something especially fast, but especially well. And it needs training to do so. Examples and tasks for katas can be found in the net:

  • A list that group the katas by difficulty. They even have maven archetypes available for most languages, so that you can setup your project quickly.
  • codekata : Kicked off the whole kata story
  • codingdojo: Even more exercises

Those who want to get inspired by others, find a lot of katacasts , where you can watch the experts solving those problems. Here are two casts from different problems in different programming languages.

By the way: If you like to learn more and understand TDD better: We will host a TDD-Camp from June 15. – 17.. Check it out:

Prime Factors Kata in Ruby

String Calculator Kata in Groovy


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