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Elm Friday – Table of Contents

13.11.2015 | 1 minutes of reading time

This is the table of contents for a series of short blog posts about Elm . This blog post has no content of its own, it just links to all blog posts in the series. The table of contents will be updated as the series continues.

Published Episodes

  1. What is Elm?
  2. Installing Elm
  3. Hello World – Your First Elm App
  4. Hello World 2.0 – Render Data Structures to HTML
  5. Functions
  6. Type Annotations
  7. Lists
  8. Imports
  9. Type System Basics – Tuples, Type Aliases and Records
  10. Type System Basics – Union Types and Tagged Unions

Upcoming Topics

  • Use Multiple Modules
  • Tooling Basics (elm-reactor, elm-make)
  • Signals
  • The Elm Architecture
  • Using external HTML & CSS
  • Routing
  • JavaScript Interoperability

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