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Collaboration tools into Virtual Reality – Virtual Interaction Room part 8

12.2.2020 | 2 minutes of reading time

Why is integrating collaboration tools into Virtual Reality important?

During our experiments and interviews with potential customers, we have heard many feature requests. They also loved the way VR meetings are creating emotional proximity. However, one question was naturally driving all of them: How can I intergrate VR seamlessly into my daily business? Today, I want to shed some light on this question and share our ideas.

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Prepare and Assist

Of course, when perparing a VR meeting, you can place elements in a VR room so you are ready when the attendees arrive. But typically, your relevant information “lives” in other systems before and after the meeting. Some more design-oriented teams would probably use miro , software-focussed teams might use Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server or Atlassian’s Jira and also Trello is a wide-spread collaboration tool.

I talked to the Managing Director at a major player on the German Healthcare market and he gave me a clear direction: They would love to try out VR meetings for Product Increment Plannings and Sprint Plannings, but only if their existing data (“user stories”) would be available within the VR meeting without copy-pasting them during meeting preparation. So they are expecting a VR-integration with Team Foundation Server.

A creative agency from Düsseldorf claimed, that they would straight away use VR meetings with their customers if we could integrate miro into the system. Also, they wanted to have some kind of PC/Laptop client to see what is going on in the VR meeting so they could help and assist the attendees better who are in the same physical / real life room: To see what the attendees see while at the same time taking care for the tech support as and if required.

Finally, a major engineering company working for the automotive industry has developed their own Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) including a ticket system pretty much looking like Trello but deeply integrated into their databases and processes. They asked if we could create a VR integration for this custom system.

Integrate to Innovate

So the way forward is pretty clear: we need to focus on integrating existing collaboration tools. As first approach (just because it is known to most users), we start with Trello. We build a prototype and will show it tomorrow on Digital Demo Day .

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