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Report from the GearConf – Good Tools matter

17.10.2010 | 1 minutes of reading time

The GearConf is a growing german speaking conference for professional software development. While it is focused on tools, the usual agile methodologies also found their place. Hosted by Infaktum, it took place this year on 11th and 12th October in the friendly City Hostel in Düsseldorf, directly at the shore of the Rhine.
codecentric sponsored the conference with a booth and two talks, by Andreas and me.

Andreas talked about the effective use of JIRA. Unfortunately he had some minor technical difficulties, so he promised to follow up with a series of videos. I have already seens ome of them, and I am already looking forward to his blog post about them.
My talk was about performance. I was asking myself how to place optimization for best performance fits into the agile development processes. For me there was an easy answer: Its part of the definition of done.
Of course you might ask how to achive this. My answer for that was: use a great tool like AppDynamics, which we also showed both days to interested visitors of our booth.
But no matter what tool you use, you should be able to efficiently take care of all aspects of your software, which is fully in line with the spirit of Software Craftsmanship.

So here my slides for that talk:

To summarize to days of gearconf: Good conference, lots of great talks and in common an interest in improving the standards of software development.


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