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#scrumday in düsseldorf

2.12.2009 | 2 minutes of reading time

scrumdays are local smaller sized events where SCRUM communities can meet and exchange their experience. As we are also very active in the agile community, codecentric of course had also a booth at todays scrumday in Düsseldorf. From the talks I was able to pick up two trending topics, which are quite interesting. They are not dealing with what scrum is and why it is great.

They were talking about adaptions to the process to make it fit for large and small companies, which is a bit worrying, because I think the idea is “plan do check act” or “apply, inspect, adapt”. So please try to do SCRUM by the book for at least 3 iterations (the standard length Boris Gloger recommends 🙂 ) before adapting the process. I know its hard. But you really should try this to get the full effect. The presentations should not give the impression that you have to do scrum wrong to get it working correctly. I think that should have been made clearer.

The second topic is much more interesting: Ok, we have Scrum, but how does this affect our organization? Do we need different management levels? Do we need different payment models? What motivates people to work in a SCRUM environment?
My colleague Andreas talked about the science behind motivation and why SCRUM is really good at motivating people. I can really recommend his talk, so I included it below from slideshare. Also Christiane Philipps gave some interesting insights. I think these ideas need to be explored further, because SCRUM reveals people issues which traditional models try to suppress.

However the event as such was a bit disappointing. It felt like the main audience were the speakers presenting each other and to the exhibitors. Not that many “regular guests”. Time between sessions was spot on, but the sessions itself felt a bit short with only 45 minutes. I think 60 would have been better.
I personally liked more our meet the experts instead, even though (or perhaps because?) there is just one track, excellent speakers and a much more familiar atmosphere in our premises rather than the anonymous hotel lobby, which is not that suited for having interesting discussions.

As promised here Andreas slides. All credits for them please attribute to him 🙂


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