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Test Automation for NoSQL Databases with NoSQL Unit and Travis-CI

7.5.2014 | 1 minutes of reading time

Today I want to give you a short summary of my NoSQL matters talk on test automation for NoSQL databases . I basically introduce two tools that may help you with writing unit and integration tests for NoSQL databases:

  • NoSQLUNit is a JUnit extension that makes it very easy to manage lifecycle and connections for a wide range of NoSQL databases like Cassandra, elastiscsearch, MongoDB, Redis and some more. It also enables you to load test data before test execution and compare data sets after test execution with few lines of code.
  • Travis-CI is a free SaaS platform for continuous integration. You can register your public gibhub repositories with Travis-CI that will checkout your source code, compile it, start the required databases and run your tests against them. Travis-CI supports a lot of NoSQL databases.

Here are the slides of the full talk:

Click on the button to load the content from

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I also want to give a great thank you to the people from the elasticsearch booth at the conference for this very cool plush elk:

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