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Guerilla Organisation Enablement - Developer-driven Transformation

CloudLand 2023


CloudLand 2023


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Occasionally, we hear an inspiring story of how a leader revolutionised a work environment, so that the organisation was transformed, causing it to produce massively increased value.

Unfortunately, there are no stories of people like you and I changing organisations from the bottom up. People tell me that it’s impossible. In spite of that, this is my mission: to revolutionise the workplace around me, starting at the technical core and expanding across teams and up to management, until the entire organisation is changed. I want to achieve the impossible.

This journey is underway at a number of organisations. In this talk I’ll share some of the methods we’re using and the results we’ve already experienced. So far we are enabling IT teams with best practices, creating a culture of cross-team collaboration, reducing time to market by 90% and moving from continual delays to delivering products before management expects them.

I’m on a journey, I know the goal, but only part of the way. I hope to inspire you, and I hope that your feedback and ideas will also help me to find the next steps!

John Fletcher

Software Team Enabler

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